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Cryo Vacuum Photon radio frequency RF fat reduction machine Freezing slimming

Cryo Vacuum Photon radio frequency RF fat reduction machine Freezing slimming

Cryo Vacuum  Photon radio frequency RF fat reduction machine Freezing slimming

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Place of Origin: China
Nazwa handlowa: US
Orzecznictwo: CE,SFDA, ISO13485
Model Number: US08


Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Cena: Negotation
Packaging Details: Alluminum case
Delivery Time: 3-7 days after payment
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000sets/month
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System: fat freeze+Vacuum+Cavitation+RF Type: Body slimming
RF intensity: 1-15J Vacuum Intensity: 1-10 adjustable
Temperature: -15°C~5°C Time setting: 1-200 minutes


Vacuum RF Cryo Fat Reduction Machine For Body Shaping Skin Tightening






Working head

Standard: 2 heads, working together or separatly.

4 heads for optional (different sizes) .

Photon color

7 colors for optional:

3 single colors and 4 mixed colors



Main display: 10.4 inch LCD display /1 PC

Handpiece display: 3.5 inch LCD display/ 2 PCS

RF intensity


Cryo temperature


Vacuum Intensity

1-10 adjustable

Time setting

1-200 minutes

Cooling system





1.      Stubborn fat removal

2.      Body shape curving

3.      Local fat reduction,etc


Main features for US08 cryolipolysis machine:


1. US08 combines Cryolipolysis+RF+Photon+Vacuum together .


2. 2 handles working at the same time.


3. 4 sizes hanles for optional.


4. 7 photon colors for optional .



Fat freeze is a medical device used to destroy fat cells. Its principle relies on controlled cooling for

non-invasive local reduction of fat deposits to reshape body contours. The exposure to cooling is set

so that it causes cell death of subcutaneous fat tissue without apparent damage to the overlying skin.

The procedure is billed as a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction.


In Europe the fat freeze machines are used also in aesthetic clinics and spas.



1. US08 combines Cryolipolysis+RF+Photon+Vacuum together .


 2. 2 handles working at the same time.


3. 4 sizes hanles for optional.


4. 7 photon colors for optional .


The working theory of cryolipolysis machine:


"Cryolipolysis" is a therapy with special designed cryo-head,it vacuum the treatment area,

Automatically selected the bluge cellulite,sucked the cellulite by applying cool temperature,change

the triglycerides to solid.And the solid's triglycerides will let the cellulite aging and dead early.

At the same time, on the both size of the cryolipolysis have a RF electrode,this device pertinently

delivers bio thermal energy by transforming high frequency energy,recover cell functions,increase

blood circulation,degrade fats,normalize hormone balance by inducing expansion of blood vessels

and elevating temperature of tissue,promote revitalization of collagen by stimulating,Restoring skin elasticity.At the same time, the RF electrode can let the cellulite's triglycerides fully released. In the

lipase, the triglycerides will cleaved into the fatty acid and glycerin.

In the under frozen and RF dual role, a large number of fat cells are broken down gently with the metabolism excreted by the liver and the lymphatic system to eliminate and excreted, thus gradually reduce the fat layer by this non-invasive treatment to achieve local weight loss goals.


The bottom of cryo-head have install red,green,blue's photon combined into seven kinds

of photon, promote skin microcirculation,Strengthen the metabolism,to restore the skin effects.


Biological photon working theory :


 Biological photon is beyond the advanced laser technology in the medical-Pulse composite light.

Pulse composite light include the different wavelength's variety of spectral,in the area if different

deep of skin lead to the temperature change, Photosynthesis and particle vibration,to wreck the

acer's adverse target,add active of enzymes, amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids synbiotech substances,the activity frequency of skin health's cell,promote skin microcirculation,atrengthen the metabolism, to restore the skin effects.




Biological effects:activated cell,increased cell viability,accelerate blood lymphatic microcirculation.

Therapeutic effect:skin tightening and lifting,improve the complexion,moisturizes the skin,

convergence pores.

Suitable treatments for:all skin except the sensitive skin.





Biological effects:Increase skin oxygen,Stability effects.


Therapeutic effect:Adjust skin glands Function,Regulating the secretion of oils and fats,Improve acne.


Suitable treatments :Oily, combination skin.




Biological effects:Emotional balance, centralized energy.


Therapeutic effect:Promote the synthesis of collagen and elastin,restore the Damaged cells.


Suitable treatments :All kind of skin.


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