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Liposuction Cavitation Rf Cellulite Reduction Machine / Vacuum Body Massager

Liposuction Cavitation Rf Cellulite Reduction Machine / Vacuum Body Massager

Liposuction Cavitation Rf Cellulite Reduction Machine / Vacuum Body Massager

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Place of Origin: GuangZhou
Nazwa handlowa: MLS
Orzecznictwo: Medical CE, ISO13485
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Liposuction Cavitation Rf Cellulite Reduction Machine / Vacuum Body Massager


Liposuction Cavitation Slimming Machine With CE 

It highly combines the most advanced technology 
6 in 1 Ultrosonic+Tripolar RF+Bipolar RF+ Monopolar RF+Cavitation Vacuum +laser 
hand pieces 
1. Ultrasonic Cavitation hand piece. 
2. Lipolysis hand piece(ultrasonic+monopolar RF) 
3. Vacuum hand piece(vacuum massage+Small RF+650nm laser) 
4. Big tripolar RF hand piece 
5. Small tripolar RF hand piece 
6. Small Bipolar RF hand piece. 
7. Big bipolar RF hand piece 


1. Celluliting and fat burning and kneading at same time 
2. Marvelous instant result, you can measure the size immediately after treatment 
3. Losing weight, reducing size and contouring at the same time have a perfect effect 
4. No skin color requirements, widely application 
5. No pain and no scar 
6. Professional and modern design; Elegant appearance, competitive price and perfect after-sale service 
7. Long continuous work time, stable function, shot period of treatment, easy operation, no down time, delivery in time without delay. 
8. 6 different hand pieces for treatment which can help you receive a very obvious treatment result. 
9. Vacuum Pump is imported from Korea which can make the machine have very good massage result 


1. Weight loss and skin rejuvenation come true together, comfortable treatment. 
2. Break up lipocytes and body shaping together. 
3. Whiten and tighten skin, promote the skin elasticity. 
4. Remove wrinkle on face, such as check, chin, etc. 
5. Shrink and tighten pores 
7. Rejuvenate skin 
8. Vacuum body massage 


Something New 
1) Lipolysis hand piece Lipolysis hand piece integrate Monopolar RF and Cavitation toghter in one hand piece. This hand piece called: Lipolysis hand piece. The two different functions can work at the same time, So, it can achieve a very good and very obvious treatment result than other hanpiece. It is faster and save time. Yes, you can use the Cavitation or the Monopolar RF separately. 

2) Vacuum hand piece: Vacuum hand piece integrate Tripoar RF and Vacuum function and laser(650nm) function toghter in one hand piece. There are three silver pillar in the vacuum hand piece, that is tripolar RF. When you use the Vacuum hand piece, the tripolar RF also can work at the same time. Of course, you can use the vacuum function separately. 

3) Bipolar RF hand piece have 2 different diameter, One is 16mm for face treatment. One is 32mm for body treatment. 


As a professional manufacturer of beauty equipment, we can also provide OEM service for you!

Big  Tripolar  RF   6MHZ  RF
Cavitation  frequency:   40K  HZ
Cavitation  max  output:   100W
Interval   1000ms-5000ms,   adjustbale
Tripolar  RF  output:   Tripolar,   2-300J,   adjustable
Operative  Interface:   8.0”     TFT  true  color  LCD  touch  screen
Working  time:   Continue  working  for  8~12  hours  (under  optimal  working    temperature  between  20° C~25° C)
Bipolar  RFfrequency:   6Mhz
Bipolar  RF  output   2-250J, adjustable
  RF  output   200W
 Infrared  Ray        650nm  wavelength
Infarred  Ray  Power   10-30mw
Gross  Weight   56kgs
Aluminum  box   790mmx550mmx730mm


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